Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Oh my gosh, it's marilyn monroe. It is so exciting to see some of the really famous Movie Stars here. The idea behind this Theme Park is the Movie Stars of the past. I think they need a whole area about the gunsmoke show. The older movies with marilyn monroe and jerry lewis are just the best. Make sure you are ready at all times to take a celebrity photography. Little things make the Theme Park experience super special. This Theme Park celebrates many of the great universal movies and the big time movie-stars made throughout the years.
Erika H.

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Excited about the Trip

Florida Travel Commander, we are having a home-cooked meal for dinner at Citywalk and Disney. There is salad in the refrigerator, so help yourself. I got you a brand new Wawa sub! It is the tuscan turkey sub on wheat bread. It is in the refrigerator, yeah! New tuscan turkey hoagie is the perfect way to kick off may! Enjoy it on a freshly baked wheat roll today at Wawa shop. That's great that Wawa made the heard show. I am going to stop at Wawa before the weekend comes. We are having an all-night rain tonight. It is great for the little trees!

Linda Y.

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