Fun times at Marathon Public Beach

Dragon boat racing involves 20 paddlers, one person to motivate and one to steer. It is the true example of strength and teamwork, and is open to teams of men and women. All you need is a paddle and a competitive spirit! What fun and the boats really move so swiftly. The boats are about 40-foot-long and keep the old Chinese Tradition alive here in the Florida Keys!
Elbert H.

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My favorite public beach park

I love the beaches of Marathon, and this is the best one. They have a cute little Beach Park at the tip of Key Colony Beach that is great to snorkel from too. It is very pretty on a sunny day, just the spot for some video or photography to take home.

David T.

Bring your own kayak to the Keys

The racing is so neat. When you vacation down to the islands, that is the perfect time to invest in a brand new $300 kayak or buy one online used for a $100. Some of the shops around here charge $40 per day to use the fiberglass Kayaks.

Freida I.

Dragon Boat Races

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050

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