Older Kids love Disney Dino

Older Kids love Disney Dino

Kids, teens, and adults alike love this city, so it makes keeping your older children happy with entertainment all nice and easy. Fast rides are the top pick for most ages visiting this park, since everyone knows or has heard all about Everest the rollercoaster experience. This one is fast and so fun, but it will not take you upside down.

If you think teenagers do not like Disney, forget that. With all the Music and dancing, it gets everybody and that is the way it is. Unless your child seems to wear all dark-black clothing all the time, bring them to Disney!

Dino land area is so popular for family play at Disney. Put the smile on and enjoy the show. They have good right here, this is always been one of My Favorite Places in Orlando to come for the day. We are thinking about trying Discovery Cove tomorrow, but we hear that the water is very cold that you swim in. Please let me know if you have any experience with that?
Cletus Z.

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Kitty and I are hanging out looking at the Eating Options at Disney Springs. You can come over when you want for the Barbecue Cooked Southern Style Sushi. I am going to go to Walmart this afternoon for a Big Hat for the sunny Theme Park Day expected tomorrow. Older Kids Love this place. Ok, Florida Travel Commander. Thanks.

Van A.

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