Treats for the Seafood Lover

Treats for the Seafood Lover

Hitting the town for treats landed us at a special place for the asian seafood lover, that's me! The Tsukuro made an extraordinary impression, and we knew would have to look no further for Asian style Polynesian food and spirit. It is like entering a south seas village, the atmosphere is right on.

Just loved the Polynesian style yellowfin tuna steaks, just so fresh and tasty. Do ask about what is hot, the specials, and fresh catch. They will hook you up with the perfect dish. Say yes, try the yellowfin tuna steaks.

I want to go to Fort Lauderdale and the Tsukuro. The summer surf season is approaching so it is time to head to the best waves, here in Fort Lauderdale and Cocoa Beach.
Alice R.

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Eating Oriental

I love Chinese barbecue spareribs beef sauteed in Chinese barbecue sauce. Try the hong shu pork breaded pork with Chinese vegetables. My mom's pick is the orange chicken sauteed in a light orange sauce with Chinese veggies. The seafood mix is the kow lobster, with scallops, and shrimp stir-fried with Chinese vegetables.

Orville L.


225 South Ft Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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