Lopez Park

Lopez Park

Thank goodness there are still some free Tampa parks worth going. Enjoy free Tampa parking areas where families can go Enjoy the Outdoors on the cheap. Lots of shade makes it nice over here during the summer months. This fitness park is supreme and the big thing we like about it is the extended hours it offers.

It opens early and stays open much later than all of the other Tampa area parks. Try the walking system, where you do not get bored even if you walk around for a couple of hours. We are regulars at the park. Very family-friendly and plenty of car parking in the shade. Probably the number one Jogging park in all of Tampa bay, right there with Bayshore Boulevard.

Tons of shade makes it nice for walking. Picnics before the Football Games are excellent here. This is where to Go Jogging in Tampa.
Martina L.

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Kids Playground

The park is in a good area. I bought a house close and go often. It is all about home improvement, as I got the first coat of paint on the walls inside the garage. Tomorrow I am going with the real estate agent to look at five close comparables, to build my knowledge. You can make money on real estate close to the park, plus the Tampa airport is so close.

Naomi I.

Himes Avenue Park

You can ride bicycles to the park down himes avenue. We like to bring a frisbee so we could toss around and enjoy the big trees. I think that's what makes this park so special, as you get a lot of shade underneath these giant trees which have been here for one hundred years or more, at least many of them.

It is very close to the Tampa international airport for those people looking to get away from all of the airport hassles during a layover. The playground is excellent and there's a lot of them in south Tampa including down there at Ballast Point Park, another winner for families and those that love the outdoor experience.

Herminia W.

Al Lopez Park

4810 North Himes Avenue
Tampa FL 33614

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