Live Disney Movie Show

Live Disney Movie Show

An incredible production and must see item at Animal Kingdom is inside and not even a ride. Finding Nemo the Musical is top on the list. The show has Awesome acrobatics and singing helps make it the number one thing to do. I have been asking everyone for their ride ideas regarding Animal Kingdom at Disney Orlando. We are in town for the day and will try to see it all. The live musical shows are the best and perfect to add to the day's trip itinerary.
Marci V.

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Best Indoor Show

No person could not like Nemo the Musical for sure. I like the fun of doing things all day and staying busy. If you stay at home in Orlando it is all politics. Please do not fall for the Orlando politics, as I cannot handle two years of hilary.

We are for the Florida people like marco, as he knows good cuban Sandwiches! I vote for Mickey Mouse and Nemo the fish everytime.

Stephan D.


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