Line up of Musical Acts

Line up of Musical Acts

We got to see earth wind and fire at Epcot, just fantastic. Some tunes just have it going on, and the earth wind and fire. Is the line of Musical acts just primetime. Wine and beer is sold at the walk up window cafes. After the love is gone is a great song, a super duper classic, perfect for karaoke. I love this Epcot Band Stage sitting area.
Taylor F.

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What trip to Orlando, as we loved this town and the Theme Park Pleasures. You have to do the bars and hear the must, try alexander o'neal singing all true man, playing now! Does it get me pumped and awoken. Music is so good for those that are at a Theme Park or just at home like me on Monday night. I was relaxing on the couch, but then flipped on the classic jams. The same ones are going so strong. I normally have music going all day long at the house, plus the TV, and computer.

Music is good at the Epcot Bandstand, and is a big deal to any lonely moments, so remember that. I sure do not want you to have lonely moments, but we all do! You may not remember my super good and loud stereo speakers. Once again I will tell you the power of the wonderful soul jams of the old days in atlanta or the Epcot Bandstand!if Disney did not feature music it would not be the same.

Russel N.

Epcot Bandstage

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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