Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard

We thought the downtown area here in the middle of Fort Lauderdale was exceptional. If you've never been to the area, there is a beautiful part of downtown that is loaded with all kinds of really cool looking restaurants and shops. It's fun because you can walk around and just do a lot of sightseeing even if you're not in the mood for buying anything special.

It really gets going later in the day just before sunset and picks up steam all away to about two am, as the cocktail scene takes over. It's only about a mile from The Beach and is easy to ride your bikes down the sidewalk. Once you get in the area the bicycles are not the way to go, you will need to walk because it can get pretty busy down here with all of the people. The town has some really cute bicycle locking stations and they even paint the bridges that you walk underneath so they look beautiful and tidy.

I would walk the extreme length of the Las Olas boulevard strip center before you figure out where you're going to eat and then turn around and make your decision on the way back once you've checked out every possible restaurant! Try to pick one of the restaurants like where you can sit outside and have A View of all the people walking back and forth down the street.

This is an upscale kind of area, but not too much, very comfortable and good for all ages to enjoy. There are parking garages all around the district plus the metered parking. About three blocks away is the total wine alcohol store, which is really good for deals for the beer and wine Shopping.
Toney H.

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Fun Things Going On

There's always fun things going on in this part of town. If you like beautiful women the dressed nice, it's very photogenic. There's a lot of nice people. It's a wonderful place to go Bicycle Riding or jogging. I noticed a lot of kids like to use their longboard along the sidewalks.

Some of my favorite places include Big City Tavern, Rocco's tacos, the riverfront gondola tours, and the tuscan grill For Lunch or dinner. I would try to find some free parking a few blocks away, and then walk over so you don't have to pay the metered parking. They do watch the meters carefully so you have to park correctly so you don't get a parking ticket.

Gilda D.

Las Olas

801 East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

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