Las Olas Beach Park

Las Olas Beach Park

If you can pick a nice sunny day, this has to be the most gorgeous beach just to look out and see all of the action. There's something about a beautiful day and how it makes everything look so lovely along the Shoreline. We always plan our vacations around the weather because we want to do most of our stuff Near the Beach and of course it's no different in South Florida. Coconut trees are everywhere and it starts on interstate 595 as we drove over from Naples Florida. It's a great weekend getaway for anybody that lives in the lower half of the state, because this is a huge city that has so much to do.

We typically would spend most of our early morning hours and afternoon checking out all of the activities near the ocean. Later in the day we would head into the Shopping district for pizza plus cocktails and more of the evening nightlife. Whenever the sun is out, make sure you have one of those big widebrimmed hats so the sunshine is not an issue. You do not want to end up looking just like one of the Hooters restaurant nuclear Chicken Wings, which is located at Beach Place just down the street. The Beach area is probably about thirty blocks long, maybe longer as you can really take the Scenic route all away up to Pompano Beach and it's just one continuous beautiful Shoreline to take advantage of.

You really can't ride bicycles on the beach because the sand is too thick and soft plus it slopes down rather severely. It's better to walk in your bare feet and you will get plenty of exercise and your calf muscles. Thank goodness are some really good restaurants around here to regenerate your carbohydrates!
Jeremiah O.

Las Olas Beach

240 Fort Lauderdale Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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