Lake Buena Vista Hotel Winners

Lake Buena Vista Hotel Winners

We wanted to point out a Lake Buena Vista hotel winner, the perfect place to stay near the Theme Parks. A Pleasure it Is to stay in a tropical beach hotel Nicely Located for the fun of Orlando. After the theme parks, having the Nightlife of the Boardwalk Entertainment area so close was a blessing. This amusement area is five minutes away and offers lots of nightlife action, dining options, and Live Music.

They pretty much hit a Home Run with a Caribbean Beach Resort, located in Lake Buena Vista. It was a pleasure to stay here for Three Nights in the summer, when the swimming was perfect. We spent a lot of time in that wonderful hot tub.

They do heat the pools in the winter times when you come to any of the disney hotels. Even if the pool is heated up to eighty three degrees like promised, when it's fifty five degrees out and blowing twenty miles an hour, I'm not swimming.

The kids will swim any time, day or night, and no matter what the water temperature is. I prefer around eighty five degrees ideally, that is the kind where you can just walk right in without fear of a frozen stomach.

You know how it is when you get into a Swimming Pool, your feet and knees and thighs are fine. It is once you get up to your tummy, that's when you know it's a little too chilly.
Gerry B.

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Hot Tub

Disney does a good job by trying their best to make everything perfect for you. Thank you, and yes I will bring the brown clothing bag. Hot tub time is my favorite. We like to use the longboards around the grounds, but I will not take Lion King kitty for a longboard ride tomorrow, just chase inside.

Bernadette T.

Caribbean Beach

900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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