Fun for Families in the Florida Keys

Personally, I think the wind is the biggest thing. But water clarity does vary from day to day, you just have to play the odds. What is best is cold water and pure sun light coming through. Others to think about are the water currents, storm debris, and surf.
Bruno S.

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Deep Dives for Water Clarity

Do think about depth, which can totally change the water clarity. Of course, most people stay at ten feet or less.

Rosanne R.

We like to look from the Surface

The swimming is so nice and it works fine for younger kids too. Everyone should wear a safety vest. You can add air to them via a tube and floating around becomes even easier and more fun.

Doug E.

Underwater Activities

The daytime is all about the Water Sports Stuff, and we did plenty. I think diving and doing Underwater activities is about as cool as you can get. These are the kind of things you need to plan for though and you have to be prepared to change because of the weather.

You know anything in a boat is all about having good weather so you don't get bounced around on the way out and the way back in. We like to Take Photographs and take advantage of the Boat Trips so the weather is important.

In this town the evening is a lot of fun at the bars and we really like the Big Chill restaurant. There are lots of Boater Friendly bars and restaurants all up and down this county to take advantage of. Always have your smile on and cocktail in hand. Florida Travel Commander, I'm not sure what tomorrow night will bring, but tonight there is some major singing and guitar playing going on across the way! Welcome to karaoke-ville.

Levi K.

Abyss Dive Center

99850 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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