Pina Coladas on the Bay

What a pleasure is winding down the day with some really yummy frozen cocktails and take in the views. They make the best drinks and I just love they way they mix up the Pina Colada. Yes, mixed together are light & dark rums, cream of coconut, ice, and pineapple Juice, all blended and served smoothie style with a straw.

This place is prime. You have everything you could want one location including a Sports Bar inside. Outside there is a swimming pool that is open to people that are buying dinner. The boat parking is really good at a bunch of different bars on the water in the Florida Keys.

Make sure you check the menu out ahead of time so you don't have to spend much time trying to figure out all the different options. Oh my goodness do they have a huge drink menu and the food menu is also equally as delicious. I like this place and thanks to the NFL for sending this guy down here to build it.
Humberto H.

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Rum Runner Smoothie with extra alcohol

I like the Rum Runner Smoothie with alcohol of course, but they can make it virgin. The do the rum mix of flavors, three bottles of different types of rum, and then add banana liqueur, blackberry liqueur, ice, mix it and add a rum splash topper. It is a dozy. Calypsos at mile marker 99 makes great homemade sangria.

Susan K.

Walking distance Bars from the Marriott

The Big Chill has an excellent outdoor seating area and bar right on the water. The atmosphere is primo here. Good Food, great drinks, Live Music, and fun times. It's all here. Enjoy! Our hotel was walking distance away, the Marriott.

Filiberto A.

Pina Coladas on the Bay

They have rentals on the top of Jimmy Johnson's, condo units in what they call Fisherman's Cove. Expensive but fantastic with 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, and all set up to be plush. And downstairs you have the raw bar!

Avery U.

Big Chill

104000 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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