Middle Keys Kayak Locations

Middle Keys Kayak Locations

A special place this is because of the nature and the clear water for spotting underwater wonders. The paddling terrain of the keys is remarkably varied, adding to the adventure. There are lots of tight squeezes in the near shore area. Some routes take paddlers through dense overhanging mangrove tunnels, which is what most people like best. It is great to get out and see the real appeal of the Florida Keys nature. This is a must do item for your vacation itinerary. When you enter the park, the ranger will give you a kayak trail park map. The park entrance location is about three miles north of Key Colony Beach, just above middle keys Marathon.
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Put this on the kayak to do list in the Florida Keys. Oh my goodness is this a wonderful place and you can be a Kayaking beginner. No extra skill is necessary and when you go through the gate at the entrance to pay the fee, which I think is five dollars a carload, you can rent a kayak that carries two people for cheap.

The double Kayaks are fun because one person can stop paddling periodically in the other person can keep the momentum going. We like doing this kind of stuff during the day and then maybe All you need for Dinner is a Fishing Pole. The area is excellent and we are Friends of old Seven the fantastic bridge down there at the end.

enjoy the area, this is a wonderful vacation zone. Ok, Florida Travel Commander. I will let you know. I probably won't have to work but I need to plan for it, just in case, but kayaking is top priority on this island.

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Curry Hammock Park

56200 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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