Beach Day

Beach Day

For sure there are plenty of colorful South Florida bikinis to look at on the shoreline, it is a wonderful place! The photo of The Beach area right in front of the westin-hotel just gets me all psyched up about it. I've been browsing through all the photographs to just give myself more ideas of the things I need to bring, like the beach toys. Make sure you stop at the Fort Lauderdale swim store and get some wet wearable beach shoes. You won't believe what can happen to your feet walking around here for a few hours. Sometimes you're lucky for a while but if you're walking around a lot. Sooner or later, maybe only in ten minutes you can step on something in your gonna feel it. Protect your feet and you will be happy at this wonderful zone.

The hotel is terrific and I have to give my top recommendation. The westin-beach-resort is right in the middle the action. You can walk to the right and go down to and a lot of the local bars including the famous Elbow Room and more. We always have fun here on the Shoreline and starting with the ten day weather forecast. Each day builds and we get more and more excited for our trip.

Do a search for the ten day weather forecast Fort Lauderdale. Google always shows you the current temperature right now, the precipitation, humidity and the wind currently twenty-one miles hour. Luckily were not going for six more days. I like to click on local weather tv, but they always have accuweather and the underground website as alternatives. Ladies do know, all you need is a bikini during the day. Make sure you rent some bicycles and go sightseeing, and take your camera. This is one City Center that is very photogenic and colorful, with flowers and coconut trees!
Preston N.

Westin Beach

321 North Ft Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

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