Boat Taxi

Boat Taxi

This travel guide named peter greenberg at comes on the morning news shows all the time and has great deals. He did a whole segment on Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. I do not know about his web site, but he might be a good source for finding the travel destination deals. He is on the money just like clark howard, just clark covers a wider market. Right now the destination is Fort Lauderdale and that fabulous bicycle pathway with long boarders and lots of things to look at. We will need to have prefigured out some good long loop bicycle routes, rather than just free form. A few planned bicycle routes and I will pay for the boat taxi if we do that. Focus on the boat taxi stops and the bike routes in fabulous lower tip of Florida! I cannot wait to see Harbour Isles Beach again, where the ships go out.
Hilary M.

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Sightseeing Boat

No way, this is where we are staying and it is near the Water Taxi docks. The address is one Isle of Venice drive. We are staying in the high-faluting zone! This is the email I got regarding the Fort Lauderdale condo. It is the Las Olas royal beach apartments premium unit one hundred and five. This is a one bedroom paradise luxury apartment which sleeps up to four persons, with water view backyard on canal, living room with sofa bed. Remember this bar fun down by The Beach and alex fox at Cafe Del Mar live. I can't wait to see the sights and hear the sounds of Fort Lauderdale. Yeah to hearing alex fox at Cafe Del Mar live!

Gertrude L.

Water Taxi

413 Southwest 3rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315

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