Being a Florida resident, I sure learned my way to explore and it's all about the Bicycle Riding! If you are new to Florida and haven't taken a Beach Vacation before, I can tell you for sure it is nice, because everything is flat. When you get on the bicycle it's no big deal at all to cruise around whether you go slow, medium speed or if you want to haul-butt! We mainly like to poke around at medium speed or lower so we can do lots of sightseeing around the scenic beach town.

Once you get here you're On Vacation and there's no hurry to do anything. The only place we really needed to get in the car for sure was to go down to Sebastian Inlet state park because we wanted to take advantage of the Fishing Pier. Anything else you do in the Melbourne Beach area or Indialantic all away up to Satellite Beach and even farther is so easy to using your bikes.

We like to go down in one direction of state road A1A using the bicycles on the sidewalks and the street areas to explore. Poke around to look at the city center in the restaurants and learning the shops when you're heading down the sidewalk and the main streets. Then on the way back we change directions and switch over to the shoreline, using the fat tire beach bikes to get us back where we started. It's a good way to do it, so that way you're not repeating anything, and with the bicycle you see everything.

For bicycle safety our main consideration is just to stay on the sidewalks and avoid the streets at all costs. There are so many people that are using their computers while they're driving whether it's a smart phone, tablet, or laptop over here on vacation. You will notice people texting and driving distraction.gov quite a bit because you're on a bicycle they don't think much about you while you see them cruising by driving and texting. Stick to the sidewalks and avoid the streets that way, the chances of the issues at all are substantially reduced or there will be none. I love the fact that the Melbourne Causeway Bridge is completely pedestrian friendly on the lower side.

When you drive over the bridge the first time on your way to your Melbourne Hotel, take a good look at the south side area where there's a fantastic sidewalk system. The scenic sidewalk pathway goes from East New Haven Avenue all the way to the Atlantic Railroad monument. Plan on just a couple of hours scoping out this wonderful Downtown area. You can stop at some of the restaurants and explore to determine where you want to eat your dinner. Head into some of the shops to check out the beach goods, as we love doing that.

Just watch out for the weather as we got caught in a pretty big Melbourne Beach weather downpour weather.com and got drenched on one day. There was no lightning but it was rainy and we got wet, but that's part of the experience. You can always duck into a Oceanfront Restaurant if it storms big time and start the Celebration a little bit early with some budweiser Beer or maybe some margaritas. Make sure you stop it megan o'malleys restaurant if you thirsty for some beer because that irish pub is a classic. The island Pasta company was really good for the caribbean eats in a casual setting.

The best part about the Bicycle Riding is you can go to the Beach Bar and know that you don't have to drive an automobile home! This is an excellent Florida Bicycle Riding vacation city!
Shane J.

Bicycle Riding

1003 Atlantic Street
Melbourne Beach FL 32951
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