Island Tip Hotel

Island Tip Hotel

Relax in the sun, swim, sail, fish, have a cocktail. Just the coolest of hotels. It is all here for you to enjoy. This is one of the finest vacations you will ever have, so be sure to come and experience the magnificent Florida Keys.

What a great party happening daily at the hotel's fantastic beachside swimming pool. Ladies can swim and drink cocktails in a bikini. We spent hours and hours playing around the pool, and the bar is right here too!

Never do you get bored at all, and it is better than Disney World. Sorry Mickey Mouse, this is perfect for families as everyone can Enjoy the Festivities, and it is all pg rated. Only late in the night does the action slow down, and that is 4am! What a fun party spot, a winner.
Leopoldo P.

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Fancy Place

It's a fancy place with a laid-back attitude. The whole thing is perfect for this area and good for a family or somebody that's getting married. Anybody would have A good Time in this zone, don't forget your bicycles and a kayak.

Laurel K.

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The location makes it nice to everything that you had on your to do list even the Key West Cemetery walk-through. You don't have to rent bicycles but Bicycle Riding is probably the number one thing to do. As you cruise around from the hotel parking lot you can actually jump on your bike and do Bicycle Sightseeing pretty much all day long, periodically stopping to relax and get some Conch style foods.

Make sure you go by Peppers of Key West has that turned out to be one of the best places to get entertaining gifts to take back home. Go get what you wanted lots of Surprises Every Single Day and you just don't know what's next.

Norberto K.

Southernmost on the Beach

508 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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