Buying groceries during your Vacation

This is our favorite store for food in the Florida Keys. They are located up and down the Keys and has all the veggies, beer, milk, and deli food. Go whenever a big storm is coming your way! Yes, the stores are empty during rain storms. If you need to shop, Publix will be empty as was Walmart. Whenever it is raining, I can walk right in and out.
Kip K.

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Get the Blackened Fish Recipe Mix

They have a big list of seafood recipes that you can pick up for free. These really make your fish come out so much better than if you go by memory. The fish recipes are great if you get the blackened pepper mix and use that.

Bertram F.

Keep the Beer Stocked Up

Publix is the best store on the islands for sure. Stay stocked up when you vacation in the Florida Keys. Storms can happen anytime in the summer especially. At least I always have some nachos and beer to help get through the storm.

Spencer C.

Pineapple Yogurt, Grapes and Cool Whip

Hi...I bought some pineapple yogurt at the Publix grocery that is good with fat-free cool whip and seedless red grapes. Very Healthy, and you only need a small dish since it is plenty powerful.

Loretta I.

Publix has Cuban Sandwiches

I went to Publix and got a nice Pork Lion and followed the slow cooker direction. Yes, eight hours of cooking and does it just fall off the fork. Oh, my the perfect main ingredient in a Cuban Sandwich. I got the fancy bread too! Slow cooking meat is amazing, it is so tender.

Winnie C.

Two for One Deals at the Grocery Store

I love to stop at Publix because of the two for one deals and cheap beer prices. The store is in in middle of the island, and is nicely on my way home from Duval Street. This is the big grocery store chain in the Florida Keys.

Kraig V.


3316 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-4115

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