Favorite with the Ladies

Favorite with the Ladies

Your giant swimming pools are always ready, heated in the winter too! Waterfalls, volleyball in the pool and Basketball in the Swimming Pool are just part of the story. They serve you tropical Cocktails while you lounge and Splash in the water. It makes returning to the hotel so fun and exciting, the party never ends.

The weather is a little better today so hopefully it will improve even more for the weekend. We been doing last-minute reservations for most of our Disney trips because that way we know the weather is going to be good for the activities outside.

I think most people tend to make the reservations a month or two ahead of time, and I guess that needs to be the case if you're coming from overseas or are an airplane right away from the Orlando International Airport. We are very fortunate to be just about two hours by car away from the disney hotels.
Thanh Q.

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The trip from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando is an easy drive and during the summer Hotel Rooms are plentiful. There's no room is never the answer you will receive. Advertisements are constantly bombarding Florida tv markets for discount rates for Orlando hotels. Everything gets cheaper here in the summer the Marriott hotels to the best of the Hilton brand.

Last-minute reservations make it easy for you to take advantage of the deals and you know exactly what the five day weather forecast is before you book your trip. What a bonus it is to be able to get out and take advantage of all the activities as this area is Loaded with Neat Stuff to Do.

It was great to have Absolutely Enormous balconies and get a good view from high up in the hotel. The blue frozen thing from Walmart is missing, and perhaps we forgot it in the freezer at the Hotel Room. It costs less than three dollars, so no big thing. Perhaps it made it back and I did not see it!

Deshawn Q.

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1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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