Mickey Mouse Gifts

Mickey Mouse Gifts

I always end up buying at least three or four gifts for different people plus the kids when I'm here. I'm searching for a cheap place to go and buy the discount stuff. Do you have any ideas? Answer is yes I know A Great Place to Go when you're in Orlando and it's right off interstate highway four, the big Walmart Walmart.com on turkey lake road.

That store has a whole section dedicated to mister Walt Disney himself and he deserves it. He's the one that created this town and you wouldn't have mall of millennia and I guarantee Ikea the store would not be here and probably not Earl of Sandwich just for starters. It's a great idea to stop by that Walmart and you will be amazed at the different things you can get at very good prices.

Most people want t-shirts and that's a sure thing and there's no need to pay more than five dollars for a nice quality cotton t-shirt with a good design on it. If you know any adults that tend to indulge in some Alcohol Cocktails every now and then, why not go with the Mickey Mouse shot glass and their cute! You might be surprised that the places where you wouldn't think to go for cheap Disney Gifts would include all of the local Walgreens Walgreens.com stores. These of the stores you see in the neighborhoods on the corner where most people stop in for a twelve pack of budweiser beer, snacks, and the pharmaceuticals.

They have a whole section devoted towards Disney gifts and the only things they sell are super cheap. That is the last place that they put stuff where they don't want it anywhere else but it's all good, trust me. You gotta stop and you'll see what I'm talking about in the same thing goes for the cvs drugstore cvs.com chain. Somehow they got a contract with Disney to get all their excess stuff and salad at the rock-bottom prices, plus the Flea Market is great for all kinds of things and it's new and old not just used goods.

We always go to Disney Springs because it's So much Fun, even though it's not rock-bottom prices. It is the place to go to get all the ideas of the things that you're looking for and then head to Walmart to see if they have it!
Cyrus A.

Disney Shopping

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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