Ikea Home Remodeling Super Center

We have to complement the Ikea Store for the fantastic kitchen remodeling techniques and prices. They have a whole system using computers and tools to help you easily design the most effective layout given the kitchen dimensions you have to work with. Just measure your area carefully and bring your statistics with you to the Ikea Kitchen Workshop. Open daily, they know how to do this right.
Joe L.

reader feedback

Very good with Home Improvement Ideas

The white carts they offer are great and we picked one out. It looks nice in the living room. We can pick the spot, but it might be nice to hold the new giant HDTV. Just walking through the store will help you generate a zillion remodeling ideas. I love this concept.

Noah Z.

Taking over the Florida Furniture Business

We have been to the Ikea in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa, which have pretty much the exact same goods and layout. It is a very nice store and they have a very good return policy if it does not work in the room you are planning. Kind of a hike from Clearwater is the Tampa store.

Corrine B.

Making the Home look like a Dance Club

Oh yes, you will see a whole new place once you do a good amount of shopping at Ikea. Everyone is doing it, all techno and so fancy, just like they do at at the clubs in Ybor City.

Jennie J.

Home Improvement Ideas

This is the place to go, as I am thinking about spending for a Royalty Seat. Yes, the best seat in the house. A big cozy Pink Floyd listening recliner, kind of Archie Bunker Style. As modern and cozy a recliner can be. It would sit right out in the middle, where I moved that chair and it looks out over the pool and water. The kind of place you can fall asleep at night in. A full up or down recliner.

Bianca O.

Home Products

Fantastic is the lighting choices at the store, so I'm glad there is more light! I think we could stop at the Tampa Ikea on the way to Orlando, or on the way home, since it is on the way. The Orlando one is out of the way from where we are staying.

Herschel M.

Shopper Lovers

Ikea is the best, so thanks for the advise. Alright, maybe I will slide them in tighter to see how that looks. I will bring a mop to use with the vacuum, to keep the floors clean. The entrance way needs work, plus I can get a entrance outdoor rug square at the Flea Market or Ikea store.

Thank goodness Ikea is a five minute ride from the house! We can bike ride to Ikea too. There is a nice backway to Ybor City from west cass street. The new Ikea is the on same road I took when I did the bike ride from Sarasota to Tampa and back on the same day.

Jae E.


1103 North 22nd Street
Tampa FL 33605

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