Las Olas Bridge

Las Olas Bridge

Use the bikes and be ready to stop, as the best things in town are these out-of-the-way spots for the photo opportunities. We so much enjoyed staying in this area at one of the condominium units just up the street. I think the perfect location is the Isle of Venice drive area because you are just a few blocks from the downtown scene and all the restaurants, plus you cruise right here past this wonderful Idlewyld Park and up and over to The Beach.

This is the Idlewyld Park where you see all the Water Taxi boats going under the new river bridge. The Idlewyld Park bridge goes up quite a bit because of those darn big yachts that cruise around the Fort Lauderdale waterway system.

These bridges are darn huge and those big boats have no clearance at all and that forces the bridge to come open. Many people stop waiting for the bridge and get a nice view of the coolest local waterfront park. There are lots of fold that park for the views. I love biking by or driving in the car listening to music or Espn radio on the am dial while they're waiting to get over the bridge.

Maybe that's why this park is so popular because of the location at the base of the bridge. You always get good views and of course your only a few blocks from the Elbow Room and the Hooters Chicken Wings bar. It was great to stay in this area and I think anybody would like a vacation here for three to five nights.
Zackary S.

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Fort Lauderdale Beach Bridge

We would go over this bridge for five times a day easy, when we were staying just up the street. The best thing is it takes a little bit extra effort to pedal the bicycle up over the hill and this is the only hills we have down here in South Florida. I love your Fort Lauderdale Beach photography, it gets me so psyched up to go for a trip.

Horacio H.

Idlewyld Park

2600 East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

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