Bayshore comes to Play

Bayshore comes to Play

Over the years the Tampa entertainment scene was given a bad rap and it just might have been true. That is historic information now that makes for a nice discussion at the Four Green Fields bar, one of the new places that calls this area home. It is hot here and everyone loves the new attitude.

Great times, whenever the weather is good. That is one of the colder times of the year, so the weather is hit or miss over the years. You need the sun to be on those boats with the cool Water temperatures. It is super for a sunny boating day.

I love this zone which is Perfect for very long Walks and you have lots of people watching. Make sure you go all away down to Ballast Point Park, one of my favorite places of all. If it's cold and windy I guess we'll go see the Horse Racing as you're inside or at least partially protected.
Christie K.

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Big Parade

Key to the entire event is having good weather. It's a lot better to be outside when it's sunny and warm, rather than a cloudy and windy, and cold day. When the weather comes through it just is spectacular.

What an area to live. A while back, I told you some fancy folks were moving in. The guy came back, and he remembered my name. His name is Grant, and they are upscale folks! I have met his dad and wife both. He said it was going to get going full speed in three weeks. The rich folks are moving in to South Tampa soon!

Matilda T.

Pirate Invasion

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