Upstairs Parade Route View

Upstairs Parade Route View

We just love the parades, the music is great and children like it too. Be sure to have your video Camera Ready, as the Disney character experiences can happen at anytime. My son and daughter got up close to Disney's sleeping beauty character. It was so cute for a young family to do. Our experience at the Disney World parades has been excellent.
Shelly T.

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The American Food at the theme parks is yummy like cafes. Be sure to read lots of the guides to Magic Kingdom so you are a pro. My family and I were very impressed with the wonderful parade that they have each day here, and in December they have a couple of extra special Christmas Parade that are must see. Go left when you enter to have the Shorter Lines in the all-ages friendly whimsical lands. Focus on your rides list as your Top Picks.

The Magic Kingdom hosts several Special Events throughout the year. You're gonna like the food and beverages that they have at the different restaurants, and it's sometimes a good idea to just stop for a while take a half hour break and go inside one of the Sit Down Restaurants to take it easy and rest your feet. It was a wonderful experience, seeing all the Music and dancing and the kids got to smile all day long. You cannot do every attraction at Walt Disney World in one day. I like the fact that all of the staff members are so friendly and you can ask questions anytime you see one of the employees walking around and they are great about getting answers. I love the Quick Service Food stops that includes a large toppings-fixings bar where you can load your Sandwiches with plenty of extras.

Haywood Z.

Magic Kingdom Parade

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32836

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