Beach Pizza

Beach Pizza

Get the combo pizza with beef, pepperoni, sausage, red onion slices, black olives, and mushrooms. The idea of simply one slice of pizza is not enough and gives us the chills, as two slices are just right. There's more to a great restaurant than just really good servers and your better than usual pizza and wings.

Premium ingredients just taste better than the same old taste. The fresh cheese blend is at the heart of the great taste that comes with every pizza made.

No discerning Fort Lauderdale Beach pizza chef would ever dream of using frozen cheese. Search for the Best Fort Lauderdale pizza restaurant and you have found it here! So good is the napoli pizza loaded with roasted garlic sauce, mozzarrella, fresh rounds of tomatoes, parmesan, and fresh basil. This is the top place for a slice, better than all the many pizza companies you will find when searching on google.

This famous pizza restaurant is better than and is even open twenty four hours and is right in the strip of Fort Lauderdale Beach! Big pizza taste is ultimately what the cooks stand for in terms of the food and your dining experience. We love a fun place and there are many reasons to get a big slice or a whole pie.

What makes the cafe great isn't just the food that they sell. Watch them make it and they use only 100 percent fresh cheese.
Abbie V.

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Sandwich with French Fries

Not only do I love their sandwiches so much, I started looking for a Primanti Brothers recipe online. If you search google you will find something special because you can make your own version of their mouthwatering delights.

I wanted to make one of those sandwiches that comes with the french fries inside. It's very original, and some of the food is something you will never forget.

It all started in pittsburgh Pennsylvania and thank goodness we have it down here along the Atlantic Ocean Shoreline.

They use very fresh vegetables from the Flea Market most likely. To me this kind of eating is better than Asian sushi restaurant dining. There's no need to eat upscale all the time when you have places like this and the Mexican Restaurant down the street is good.

Carl T.

Primanti Brothers

901 North A1A
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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