Entrance into the Land

Entrance into the Land

Everything is created for the family to have a special day. At Epcot you learn as you walk, ride, and see new things. Experience cutting edge technologies first hand. All gets to get involved here, we love the places where you can touch and test out the new ideas of the future.

The complex here that they call the land is spectacular. They did a pretty good job when they designed this complex because it is nice to be inside the air-conditioned areas for major portions of the day. This is Florida where things are much warmer here especially from April to September, and that is the best time to go because The Lines are lower.

I would tell people to make sure you wear a Big Hat so you can spend time outside and it won't wear you out! It can really get to you if the sun is blasting down on your head for long periods of time and it can make your face look like a fried chicken wing.
Ashlee L.

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The Land

The first day we were here I remember going back to the hotel at the Beach Club Resort and looking inside the bathroom mirror at my face and I was shocked at how read it turned from the day walking in the sun. A Big Hat is the best thing you can have so you can last longer and feel good at the end of the day.

Being prepared for all of the sun and the walking is very important. I can tell when these people are coming from some foreign country because they have really light white skin and they could get really sunburned pretty easily. Even SPF fifty might not be enough so longsleeve shirts are very important, plus the wide brimmed hat. There is a Bloomingdale's store in town if you need to get some stuff to wear or hats plus the Tj Maxx store has a lot of different hats which is good for sure. I thought one of the best places we went out to eat is called Mccormick and Schmick's cafe, and for certain would recommend that.

If you're here in July June or August you might as well have your Bathing Suit on underneath so you can Get Wet. There are tons of Wet Rides and things that will help you stay cool. Of course you need footwear that can also get wet, and they sell wet wearable shoes all over the place including at the Bealls Outlet store.

Hubert U.

Future World

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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