Local Parks

Local Parks

What a great state road A1A located beach town with lots to do and so many local parks that are available to enjoy. This is my favorite because it's the closest to the hotel we stayed at not too far away called tucked away shores tuckawayshores.com so we were able to walk down to the parking about five or ten minutes using the Atlantic Ocean pathway by the water! This little park is in the city center and a lot of different groups come here and have event parties, like the space coast Jogging group.

Park the car and get ready to hit the water, plus they have two Volleyball Courts and a picnic area. Having covered picnics next to the ocean is a great thing for sure. The only problem with the picnic tables is that you cannot see the water because of the shrubbery and nature between the park area and the coastline. It would be excellent if they had some park benches on the other side down near The Shoreline such as they do it Miami Beach. I guess I cannot have everything but we were plenty happy with this area.

The park itself is free and the one thing I realize you need is Beach Chairs. We had beach chairs by our hotel but once you move around on the beach it is nice just to sit on the shoreline right in the Beach Sand. Sometimes you just gotta take a break in the best seat just might be the sand so you can look out and be closer to the water.

People sure made a big deal about all the sharks In the Area. We didn't see any and there were no Shark Bites! I guess anytime you come to the beach you're always going to think about those jaws movies from way back when. Mostly we stayed in two or three feet of water when we are in the ocean and of course we had the swimming pool back at the hotel.

One of the Things we Liked best was the little town of Melbourne both the Downtown historic district and right there in the main Indialantic indialantic.com city center. You can eat at a bunch a cute little restaurants like islandsfishgrill.com which all have that hometown flavor. What could be better than some fish with an attitude which is the motto of this restaurant. You can find it at 111 fifth avenue Indialantic Florida.

The names change from the beach towns from one place to another but I just think of it is all Brevard County and Vero Beach is not in it, that is ircgov.com Indian River County. Melbourne and Cocoa Beach of the main big winners, and Cape Canaveral comes in after that. Do not miss a chance for Fishing on the ocean. If you don't like Fishing by the shoreline there's a Fishing Pier up the street which is fabulous.
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Ocean Park

1001 Atlantic Street
Melbourne Beach FL 32951
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