Going Fast

Going Fast

The value of Busch Gardens as increased immensely over the years by picking up a Theme Park discount coupon on your way. All fun, if you dare! The park used to be smaller, just like the beginning of Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Orlando, but it took time for it to grow out and become an excellent value.

If you're new to the area it's only eight miles northeast of Downtown Tampa and most people use the busch boulevard exit. Most of time you get fifty percent off the ticket price, which is fantastic. Worth the ticket price, and be sure to get a discount pass by signing up to their email newsletter.

The coolest thing is the Sesame Street safari of fun which is filled with kid-size rides. We love this Theme Park and it keeps us from driving to Lake Buena Vista and Disney. Here you can go for Sheikra rollercoaster, congo River Rapids, kumba and gwazi.

Students at usf can get the discount tickets to Busch Gardens and walk or ride a bicycle to the park. We love the value. It is just a mile or so down the road and makes for a great date night and for those wanting to get their roller coaster fix. The location is so easy and college students do not have to put out much from the wallet with the cheap annual student pass discount card.
Sylvester V.

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Ideas for the Weekend

When Tampa bay is getting rain you have the park to yourself. When it gets to 80 percent, the place is empty. Always look at the weather, with only a 30 percent chance of rain this weekend, do not go. Trust me.

The seafood salad at shipwreck reef cafe is so healthy, a great alternative to a hamburger. I was surprised how good the food is at the Theme Park. The seafood salad has a combination of Key West pink shrimp and alaskan salmon over a bed of tender mixed lettuce greens, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, lemon lime cocktail sauce and fat-free dressings.

Catalina O.

To do with Kids

Watch the weather and skip the park during storms. I will wait and let the weather clear up a bit. A young six grade boy got hit by the first strike of a storm and he is at the hospital in Tampa getting treatment. They might have it on your news at eleven.

He was walking out in a parking lot. Reviewing the radar tape, they showed it on TV as the first strike on a pending storm.

Perry Z.

Busch Gardens

10165 North Mckinley Drive
Tampa FL 33612

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