Sun Sink then Drink

Sun Sink then Drink

Who would not like the most eco friendly nature area and all of Florida. They toss in fantastic celebrations and events that make the weekends rock. South Florida has really taken to the islands down south, they are brother and sister and the residents of Miami and Fort Lauderdale know it.

There are many nightly entertainers who make the Celebration extra special. These talented artists will dazzle you with their talents, make you laugh, and make you want to return again for more. This is such a unique, fantastic way to end the day. Super Key West nightlife fun.

Being in the snorkel spot that they are, the smart people take advantage of this special opportunity. It is A Pleasure to boat and snorkel. The waterfront is so cool.

The laws have changed and Uber is legal to do and use in Monroe County and Tampa! The people have spoken at Uber, just like legalizing and taxing marijuana. Apparently California will make over one billion per year with legal marijuana over wasting money putting people in jail for taking a puff hit.
Millicent V.

Sunset Celebration

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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