Excellent Hotel Location

Excellent Hotel Location

It's nice to get a hotel that has lots of extras and freebies and that's why we picked this particular hotel. It is a pleasure for us to do a quick review as we just got back yesterday and wanted to pass on the word on what a nice place this is. I was a little bit skeptical that a Big Hotel, often means you don't get good service and things are little bit hectic because of the size. The staff here could handle the enormity of it all, and for sure it is challenging as people love staying right on International Drive.

That is the key element to a vacation no matter where you going in Florida, be in the area that you can walk to fun stuff. We looked at the Floridays resort and like the Swimming Pool there tremendously, but the location at the Embassy Suites is a lot better. Perhaps that is the biggest thing of all for a lot of people to determine, what area is best for them.

I like to make a list of the things that were going to do and you can quickly kind of plot them out on the map and try to get a hotel using google in that zone and this is a winner. It was nice to be on the seventh floor and we looked out towards interstate highway four north. We can actually see the huge Walmart on turkey lake road to the left and over to the right was Orlando 360. The room had a super small balcony, but you could at least open up the sliding doors and step outside but there was not room to sit.

We would come back to the room and open up the door and just rejoice in the experience of the sounds of the traffic and the nature of Florida with the birds. You could hear kid swimming and the laughter, it just makes for a fun time to be in A good Place.
Mack E.

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Middle of the Action

What can go wrong with being in the middle of the action and not too far from Universal Cineplex complex! You have everything going on in the area and so we spent a lot of time trying to Pick out a good Hotel. The Rosen Center was another option just a couple of blocks away.

What you get here the skies the limit for fun and eating. I really enjoyed the Hot Dog a hall of fame and all that they provide. There's a great Sushi Orlando Bar not too far away. When you go to universal you might want to try the Red Oven cafe, which has Great Views of all the people.

Gabriela W.

Embassy Suites

8978 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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