Love the Pool Slide

Love the Pool Slide

I vote for the Beach Club as the top Disney Orlando Hotel. It has such an impressive layout and once we saw the Swimming Pool, it was time to celebrate. They call it the shipwreck pool and it has all kinds of neat little things about it including a beach inside the pool for the little kids to play in the sand. Older kids and adults can go down the giant slide. One has to see this to believe it!
Maritza P.

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You really can't tell from the picture of what the shipwreck on the beach there really represents. I can tell this photograph was taken from the Boat Taxi that runs between the Boardwalk Inn resort and the back entrance to Epcot Theme Park. I have to say they have Excellent Hotel rooms and The Top Disney Pool. This big shipwreck on the shoreline is actually part of the Swimming Pool zone. This is a one-of-a-kind place and if you can get a chance to book a reservation here I would do it. It is the top of the line. We think it is Worth the Price for Booking Disney at Christmas. The people that come from up north will really get to take advantage of the Old Florida Beach Charm. I love the fact that the swimming Pools are Heated to eighty three degrees, even in December and January!

Adolph M.

Beach Club

1800 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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