Hotel on International Drive

Hotel on International Drive

Orlando is really good for hotel picking if you follow our tips and tricks. The one thing we love is a Free Breakfast, and it is excellent at this hotel. For about three hours approximately each morning you get a bounty full of food to pick from and they make omelets with the ingredients that you pick.

I really enjoyed the fact that we did not have to go to Ihop or International House of Pancakes, as it's a lot more fun just to pop down the elevator to get your breakfast. You can take your tray of food out by the Swimming Pool or up to your Hotel Room to watch in front of the TV set.

It is really lovely when the kids are inside one big giant hotel without going outside, so it's safer for younger kids to have a little more freedom as long as they don't go outside on International Drive. The location is perfect being close to the Convention Center for those on a business meeting or near the Disney Theme Parks.

It was really nice, and we loved every minute of it. We were hoping to check in early but it was busy when we got here during the easter weekend, so it was until 4:30 pm before we got our room key. That was about the only thing that really didn't go perfectly, but we could just walk around in the area and they let us park long before we checked in. It was really nice that we could walk right over to the Hooters across the street where they have some delicious chicken wings and ice cold beer which is a necessary treat after your Theme Park Day.

The Swimming Pool is not huge, but very well maintained. The swimming pool patio area is excellent and you can bring your Cocktails out and let the kids swim in the afternoons. Some of The Rooms have really good views and we could see the Orlando 360 giant rollercoaster from our window. Make sure you check with the concierge service because they have lots of discount coupons to give you for the various restaurants, bars, and things to do around International Drive.
Chang R.

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Great Choice for a Weekend Getaway

I agree with all that you said. I think Embassy Suites was a great choice for a Weekend Getaway. It is a Very Entertaining place to stay. The atrium alone is entertaining and fun. It makes it seem like a fun place to be.

Son M.

International Drive Vacation

The tropical season has begun, because I could swim in the pool! When I got back from the International Drive vacation, my Swimming Pool was seventy-eight degrees and three days later it was up to eighty degrees. That tells me that I believe the Embassy Suites Swimming Pool was about seventy-five degrees.

That is a little too chilly for early April, and they should definitely have heated that swimming pool in my personal opinion. The eighty degrees at my house feels very refreshing after the afternoon bike ride. It is no problem to get in and you can stay in because it's not too chilly. Even Walmart is getting into the act by selling two dollar fresh pineapples, and I just got one. I need the pineapple so I can make pizza like Maggiano's.

Del K.

Free Drinks

I heard nik wallenda really enjoyed the free drinks at Embassy Suites! That is the best joke ever, oh so funny! The today show build up was good, and the body camera he wore was the top part of it all. He seemed to walk on a sixteen inch wide area, so sign me up too!

Fausto P.

Staying on International Drive

It's kinda cool that this area gets better all the time. All you need to do is keep track of some of these attraction magazine television shows that you can watch on bright house networks. Just about every other month or some kind a new attraction or thing to do going on in this zone.

I wish International Drive would make the sidewalks bigger and wider for walking down. That would be a huge improvement, as we like to go Bicycle Riding around the area. You can ride your bikes over to Universal Studios without having to pay the parking fee which is outrageous.

Rebecca G.

Embassy Suites

8978 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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