Hot Dog

Hot Dog

You know a restaurant is confident in what they offer for food when they have a great motto like they do. Frankly the best hot dogs, sausages and french fries in the world are sold here! Make sure you meet molly the mustard, hank the frank and charlie the dog at this fun and zany hot dog cafe.

With all the walking it's good to Sit Down someplace yummy, with the great menu. You would expect the world's best hot dog restaurant to have a great lineup of iconic dogs with all the good sauces. There is something about this yummy sensation because you get to add on the toppings, which makes it more fun. They offer thousands of condiment combinations, and that is the key to you being able to pick your recipe mix.

I love coleslaw on mine with a combination of other ingredients but coleslaw needs to be there every time. You get to create any type of hot dog you want. Kids Love this, so get creative with your recipe thinking. You know you can put french fries in with the hot dog correct, yes! A little bit a relish and mustard is good plus sauerkraut and some special seasoning. You would expect a hot dog shop to have a condiment bar and they have the best.

have fun with it and don't forget about the banana pepper mustard, which is really good. I love banana peppers when I want to spicy hot dog with chili on it. This the perfect family place for people Eating Out in Orlando Near the Theme Parks.
Dylan W.

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Hotdog Restaurant

The hotdog sauces range from the mild to the spicy green chile sauce. They are kinda obsessed with homemade sauces, and they make them from scratch in small batches each and every day here at the restaurant. Each has a flavor all its own and compliments the fresh hotdog perfectly. Ask your hotdog server to try a new sauce today!

Val H.

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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