Hooters Beach Place

Hooters Beach Place

My choice is Hooters at the beach https://www.hooters.com/locations/fl/ft-lauderdale/s-atlantic-blvd-unit-304/ for this prime view. They offer a bucket of bones, which is sauced up barbecued spare ribs and it is good. The food menu is big, which is just the perfect thing with cold-beer. I like the fact they have online ordering and it works great on a tablet or smart phone. We were chilling by The Beach and talking about the various restaurants around the area, thinking lunch is waiting for us. It was nice all we had to do was break out the website and you can go to the online ordering area.

The best thing is you can specify an exact time that you are gonna show up to pick it up and you can go right back out to the beach and eat under your big umbrella. That shrimp and spinach salad is really something that's amazing. I don't think people go to this fantastic chicken wing chain for salads, but we do as we've learned there healthy and yummy. If you want a little bit a salad and a little bit of Chicken Wings, go for the buffalo chicken salad that has that spicy chicken and it so you get a little bit of taste. For all those people that are Fort Lauderdale Beach chicken wing fans, you have lots of good choices wiltonwings.com in the area so jump around each day and try a different restaurant. We would never eat at the same restaurant twice on vacation with so many choices within a five minutes walking distance.
Dorothea K.


17 South Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316
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