Hockey Rink Swimming Pool

Hockey Rink Swimming Pool

Make sure to see Buzz Lightyear and woody, plus a pool shaped like a hockey rink! We've stayed there several times, and were impressed with how frequently the park Transportation comes around. I've never waited more than a few minutes for a free bus ride to the theme parks. Grab a nutritious self-serve meal in the reasonably priced Cafeteria without a wait almost anytime. We always book an Orlando Hotel which brings smiles to the kids. You'll find scattered around The Resort three story high statues of pongo and perdita. Movie buffs will just go crazy at this hotel. Because it is about movies, it presents more richly Disney's visual world.
Gregg V.

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Worth the Price

What special fun is the hotel experience and pools here in Florida. The nice weather is back, and never left really in central and South Florida. What a nice February and now March. Your philly mom should spend the month down here if she was thinking correctly.

Pools here are heated to 84 degrees in the cooler months. This is the perfect all-night kitty sleep-out in Celebration of Spring Break. Thank goodness we get to change the clocks! The all night Lion King kitty Celebration is tonight, with you on the couch to let him in and out all night! He needs an all night couch helper, just in case.

Gustavo Y.

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