Historic Things to See

Historic Things to See

One of the best things about vacationing in this area of the state is all the historic things that you get to check out when your sightseeing. We knew this Eau Gallie Art District was one of the must do areas and all of the Melbourne Beach area, because we read so many positive statements. What made it even better was the location just a short little bicycle ride over the indian river on a pedestrian friendly bridge from the Radisson Oceanfront Hotel. You can get to the little area where the museums and the shops are located in about fifteen minutes, just depending on how many times you stop to take some photography.

Once we got here it was pretty apparent how old and well-kept the historic area has been preserved. There's a lot of monuments around that explain exactly what happened here and the short and sweet right to the point. This early pioneer was named james rossetter and he apparently arrived at this shoreline somewhere around 1900 and lived here for many decades after that. This guy was one of the big leaders of the area and so his home has been kept in the same form that it was, probably better. People really liked this guy as he was the backbone of the local Fishing industry.

What a great idea to come out and check out this beautiful historic monument and structure plus there's many others In the Area. Take a good look on the map and you can see there's about a ten block area that you need to walk each and every street if you have time or use your bicycles. We locked the bicycles up right over next to the original first state bank building which was built in 1893 and is Mario's cafe.

There are a bunch of Antique Shops, Art Shops, and more unique restaurants like asian-gourmet.com within a mile of here than you could eat for the entire week. The Eau Gallie Fishing Pier is worth going out and walking on. I would definitely take your bicycles over to the East New Haven Avenue shopping district. That is a fun area that has a bunch of good places to go inside and the food, with plenty a Patio Dining to enjoy. I love any little town that has a Downtown Pizza Window so you can get a big slice when you're walking around a nice tea. Not too far away you have the Sports Bar and if you had back to the water make sure you had to Ocean Park.

I think most people will find that Melbourne Beach has more than its share of Things to Do during the day. I was way impressed with the opportunities to get out and enjoy some of the nature even oh way from the surfboards. You can do two or three hours around the waterfront and then places like the historic district are really fun to check out. Once you wear yourself out, release your feet from all the walking then it is time to get something good to eat like maybe some chicken wings with a waterfront view like fish lips cafe!
Ismael S.

Rossetter House Museum

1320 Highland Avenue
Melbourne FL 32935

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