Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton Grand Vacations

Just fantastic is this hotel by SeaWorld with the giant swimming pool. The perfect situation for those taking advantage of the theme parks and love to have lots of recreation on site when you get back. It's close to Disney World plus it is gorgeous. I knew it was special the first time we jumped Into the Swimming Pool.

They have a great nature path that goes completely around the complex. It's a good area for Bicycle Riding taking advantage of the sidewalks, so it's safe for those families with Younger Children on bicycles. When you do ride bikes and come to an intersection, there are buttons to press to get a signal that allows you to walk or ride your bikes across the street with no cars to worry about.

It was pretty neat that they have the rabbits along the nature trail, which is a walking pathway. We would do the walking pathway sometimes just to get warmed up and then jump into the big huge Swimming Pool next to the Poolside Bar. The bar has a happy hour every day with some fancy drinks. They will make them strong if you asked for them to be strong poor Cocktails.

Perhaps this is the best Hilton hotel in the area but there are others that are nice. Definitely this is a resort property but it was priced more in the moderate level, I guess because of all the competition in the area. The guestrooms are fully equipped with a kitchenette and mini refrigerator. Of course the suites are really big and nice with plenty a room for four or more people. We would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking to be in the Theme Park area, and it's close to the International Drive activities.
Lea C.

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Orlando Hotels with Large Swimming Pools

It was fun here at the Hilton grand vacations for sure, and do bring bicycles. You can forget about visiting the Marriott places. They are all gated. You have to stay there in order to get in. They are condos, with no restaurant.

That means we can do your bike ride idea, if we have time with all the other things we will be doing. Please pack tennis racket just in case we decide to go over to Disney.

Mohamed J.


6924 Grand Vacations Way
Orlando FL 32821

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