Outdoor Farm

Outdoor Farm

Skip the ordinary and take the family for an outdoor adventure farm. Lowry Park farm is what's hot in Tampa! The tradition continues, but we love the new music events and the buffalo.

If you arrive early in the morning, the park will be all to yourselves. Pick a day at the Tampa school system is open and you will not have to compete with all the local kids. Kids in school will keep the lines very short and you can get great video of the animals.

It would seem to be a very odd place for an Amusement Park, at sligh avenue and north boulevard. We had been here years and ago and decided to try again with all of the new additions and improvements being talked about on tv. Very fun and festive, you only need nice weather to enjoy the farm.
Darcy Z.

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We are Animal Lovers

Tell the Lowry Park Lion King kitty that Florida Travel Commander is coming to visit. We are going back to Lowry Park sometime when the weather is perfect and the discounts yell out!

I like the vacations in Tampa. Spring training for the Lion King kitty has begun. Please ask the cat doctor if it is ok to run the Lion King kitty through spring training drills. I am going to build a exercise course, if the doctor says ok.

Make sure to mention the Lion King kitty has a foot pain, and needs a medical marijuana subscription. Give it try, you might go home with an ounce of marijuana!

After seven hours of Cuban Restaurant pork cooking, adding in a bunch of carrots and white potatoes chucks was a good idea. I can make you a fancy breakfast from what you have and what I am bringing. Yeah kitty chase season, if the doctor says ok.

Francis Y.

Zoo Park

A lot of people don't realize this park is located right next to the Hillsborough River Waterfront area. What a great day you can have as were always looking for places that are Perfect for very long Walks to get our fitness in. You can't beat all the good options and of course Bayshore comes to Play and of course the Community Park.

Look for the discounts and deals that the zoo offers periodically. Sign up for the email newsletter to get the best prices to get inside the park. This is a good thing to do for all people of all ages.

Simon N.

Lowry Park

1101 West Sligh Avenue
Tampa FL 33604

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