Heritage Memorial

Of all of the neat things we saw on the Tour Train, the old heritage cemetery has the most historical significance. The original site was located over near Higgs Beach, so do see that memorial as well. This location was created after the 1840's hurricane, which destroyed the old site. Here you are at the highest point on the island, named Solares Hill. This is the highest natural elevation in Key West.
Seth Y.

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Cruising the Backroads of Key West

As you tour the historic site, note that over 80,000 people are interred of many nationalities. This place is part of a lot of the Ghost Tours. You can walk though and tour this for free during the day.

Ilene K.

Dark Mysteries meet Haunted History

We love seeing all the historical locations and event memorials. This is where you honor Mayor Gonzo Mays. Come here where dark mysteries meet haunted history. You can get lots of information on the historic sites on Keys TV, channel 87 throughout the Keys on Comcast.

Cristina Q.

Key West Cemetery

701 Passover Lane
Key West FL 33040

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