Heated Disney Swimming Pools

Heated Disney Swimming Pools

Guests adore the excitement of a jazzed-up new orleans themed hotel! Beautiful railings, tall ceilings, interesting furnishings, and lush courtyards are all part of The Resort style. It is an intimate waterfront setting all lend to the upbeat and comfortable atmosphere.

we would recommend this to folks that want to spend their evenings at Disney Springs, since the Boat Taxi goes back and forth. Oh my was it fun here. We had the best time ever, as I just love the Disney Springs area hotels.

You can spend all day exploring the resort without even having to spend money on the theme parks if you don't want too. Cheaper is a hotel like Days Inn hotels Orlando, but it is not the same at all.

I was impressed, and it was great to be by Disney Springs and wonderful places like the Earl of Sandwich or hit the chevy's bar. You can take the Boat Taxi everywhere you want to go, so you can drink your alcohol. Safe and sound travel is very nice. We like having pick this, a Hotel Rooms on the Disney river.
Greg B.

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Swimming Pool

I had booked our reservation package online and indicated quick Check-In. We stayed in the magnolia bend area and liked the zone. There is a small children's wading pool and Playground. This resort is one of the Moderate Resorts, and nice-quality-perfect For Couples or families. I fell in love with the cobblestone streets and beautifully colored buildings.

While you're staying at the resort, make a point to walk over to French Quarter food bars. Sure enough, it worked out perfectly, allowing everyone some food and time to relax. I thought this would be the perfect resort for everyone and Do not Miss the cheap McDonald's burgers in this town. The Resort feels like its own little world of peace and tranquility.

The cats run around the resort. Tonight the little grey kitty was waiting for me under my auto tire, again outside of the Hotel Room. He does not run off, and I can get within six feet and stay there while he eats his frisky's cat food. These wild cats slowly get to know nice people like me.

Curt V.

Port Orleans French Quarter

2201 Orleans Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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