Healthy for your Animal Pets

Healthy for your Animal Pets

What a super place to take your cat or dog to get a bit of TLC. We are locals and love it here. The Vet is also open and ready to help those from out of town. Quality care is all I care about and it happens here. Thanks for the special treatment.
Brandon S.

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Help with Pet Care

We have to give it more time. He goes back in three weeks. It can take 6 weeks to get the iodine out of his system. He got the iodine in his system from eating chicken. The iodine is what is making him sick.

Felix U.

Kitty needs help from the Vet

As for him not eating, she thinks he wants chicken. She said cats are opportunistic and if they think they might get something good, they will hold out for that. In order to ease the problem, she said I can put low sodium chicken broth on his food so that it is more tasty for him. I did that this morning and it helped. I think doing that will help him improve his appetite.

Concepcion K.

Cats need plenty of Health Care

The doctor said she thinks he is improving. She said she knows it is frustrating and she has had the same problem with her cats.

Kristin O.

Put the kitty on Short Burst Focus

Thank you for the high quality Veterinarian. How is the kitty doing? Lets put him on the long as possible plan! We can exercise with the kitty. Ask the Vet if we chase the kitty around, Does that help? I am sure it does. Short bursts are tough on humans and cats would be the same.

Tessa S.

Pet Care in Islamorada

So the bottom line is, we think Kitty is going to be OK, but it is just going to take a little bit more time.

Glenda F.

Visiting the Keys with Pets

Did the kitty eat much while you were at work? Maybe you should keep the toilets shut so you can fully monitor his water drinking amount. Knowing the amount of water usage would be a good thing for you to monitor on going.

Katie C.

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