Grocery Store

Grocery Store

We specifically picked the Residence Inn in Melbourne because we have a full kitchen and the Publix is right across the street. We actually stayed in room 210 and we could see the Publix entrance over the swimming pool directly from our hotel room. Whenever we needed another bottle of wine or maybe some deli sandwiches, or some ice cream, there is Publix right there waiting. For those people that are vacationing in the Melbourne Beach area for the first time, Publix is the big store that is been dominating Florida grocery competition for decades.

This store takes a lot of pride in good vegetables and fruits, and things are always fresh. Easy in and easy out is the motto of the grocery store because they actually help you with bagging and other things as you need it. It's a Meat Market, with the pharmacy, a big deli area for sandwiches and Take-Out Food. They have hot food and cold food ready to go so you can heat up in the microwave or take it to the beach.

You can use the Publix website to take advantage of the deals and they have a savings tab right at the top. When you click on savings they will take you to all of the buy one get one free deals for the week plus anything else it's on the discount. They really are good for those people that like to clip the coupons and get the 2-for-1 pricing, or just look for the tags displayed on each aisle.

I like the fact that they have a lot of different Beer varieties in the refrigerator, but not overly priced. You can get things cheaper at the Walmart, but is not that much of a difference typically. Everybody likes to save money and that's why the buy one get one free deals are such a big popular focus like the Flea Market on the weekends. You will notice on the TV commercials that a lot of the emphasis seems to be on the weekly buy one get one free offerings. Even cheaper than Melbourne Pizza Melbourne sport is to get a fresh frozen Italian pizza and put it in the over.

We have found that you can save a lot of money on vacations if you are willing to eat some of your meals from your hotel room. Luckily the Residence Inn provides free breakfast so that takes care the whole morning routine and the coffee. We had a complete refrigerator, so it was nice to be able to put our leftovers in the refrigerator and then we could go over to Publix and get some coleslaw or potato salad and things like that to go with whatever we had. The first day I got a takeout sandwich from the Mansion Restaurant, which goes great with the homemade potato salad at Publix.
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1411 South Babcock Street
Melbourne FL 32901

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