Great Spots for Comedy

Great Spots for Comedy

This is the area in Epcot where they have the most comedy. Right out on the street are a bunch of Cast Members doing all kinds of funny stuff. Do see this zone early after you go through the back entrance gate. Part of why we went ahead and picked up a couple of annual passes to Disney was the uk food options. Just like back home, the traditions of London are for sale daily. The waterfront Beer Bar is a super place to buy beer here!
Corine E.

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After we leave Epcot, the party starts at the hotel. I am thinking my part of the fixings for the weekend will be special. Yummy starts with muffaletta Sandwiches, homemade potato salad made using the Disney Swan Resort chef recipe, healthy yet loaded Mexican style potato skins, and slow cooked pulled pork!

Buying ahead does save money at the disney hotels. If we need more, it is ok, as I like leftovers that are good for freezing like the pulled pork, which can be eaten over a few weeks.

We can do hotel bbq grilling too with the fancy chopper tool to put things inside the burgers or for hotdog fixings. Tomorrow I find out what is on sale at the Italian market. Swimming Season is in full swing and the pool temperature is a pleasant eighty four, not seventy four like the Embassy Suites last month.

Jere J.

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