Great Hotel Party Vibe

Great Hotel Party Vibe

We love Pop Century, the fun-filled Disney hotel with an emphasis on American culture and music of the twentieth century. Everyone will love the Pool Games, held at different times each day. Each cultural decade, from the 50's through the 90's, is represented in different quadrants of this resort. It is the cheapest of the Hotels near the Theme Parks.

Try to find a cuter hotel in Orlando, it is pretty. I think this is one of the better Hotels near Disney world for those that have children. It is a lot closer than the La Quinta orlando which is about the same price. There might not be a more colorful place to stay, although the Art of Animation Resort is pretty powerfully decorated and slightly newer.

We like having the opportunity to take the Shuttle Bus so none of the parents had to drive the kids around anywhere. We are so busy planning, getting ready for each event, so thanks for the bus. It was something that made staying at a free Transportation hotel so attractive. We really like the fact that you never have to drive as an adult, so you can take advantage of the wonderful cocktail drinking opportunities around the area.
Gabrielle F.

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Swimming Pool

It's not just at the poolside eager pleaser bar, but all around this region are a bunch of good restaurants and bars to check out when you're not at the theme parks. You can go hit some of the top-rate-shopping areas and stores like nani's creations in between your activities. The Shuttle Bus will take you around so just relax and enjoy a really Good Place to take a vacation. This place is not that far from the Kissimmee area and things to do over there.

Oh Florida Travel Commander, just use it as a comment and all will be good at the bauern stube cafe during the Disney trip. Here's a comment for you for the Three Nights Pop Century stay. We loved it big time. Our Vacation Planning is going so well and it's just great that we can save our Florida vacation literature in a pdf.

I will be down in two weeks to swim. We can go to the park along the river you were talking about too. Lots of exercise again, for sure. Ok I won't use the little oven anymore for fish tacos. You and Lion King Kitty win as it would be better to go instead to the millers Ale House Beer Bar yeah!

Eli T.

Pop Century Resort

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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