Golfing Things to Do

Golfing Things to Do

It's a winding maze as you make your way through the enchanting game of putt golf. Oh so perfect to play with the little ones or as a couple. This is fabulous family time, the stuff of memories made. You can't go wrong with an afternoon of putt-putt golf. It's sure to please All Ages that want a bit of a challenge. The scene is intense as you want to do well. Everyone has gathered round to see if she makes the shot. Does she make it and jump with joy? Come on out and see what you can do with a putter. Getting a hole in one is tough to do!
Stephen C.

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Mini Golf

Good evening, from a very warm but feels a chill in the air again South Florida. I have not been cold at all for a good week in February, but the drizzle tonight has a slight chill back. We should consider the putt-putt options to do as one of the things Worth the Price.

The Disney putt-putt we saw near the Swan Resort was the most impressive massive place I have ever seen, then you can Take a Dip in the pool if we get over in this direction. What is the hotel again please, as I do remember the April third date. I want to start researching the Bicycle Trails and outdoor parks for the bikes.

Teddy O.

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