Go for the Live Tunes

Go for the Live Tunes

If your timing is right, as you enter Mexico the Mariachi Corbre Band will be providing entertainment with their traditional Mexican song and dance. This is a good drinking area and I like the taste of these margaritas. All of this is out of Patio Bar right here along the lake.

Some good Music always makes my day, and Keep the Smiles On. We came here because we think the Mexican Chicken Wraps at Disney are the best things that you can get for food.

You have lots of choices When you get Hungry. The Bakery of France is probably a good one to get things to go and carry it back to your Hotel Room, pastries and things. The Mexican area is all about eating and drinking, because they also sell margaritas right along the walkway and inside the restaurants.
Domingo P.

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It is nice to have the Unique sounds of the particular showcase that you're in, as they all have good Music. For restaurant suggestions we say go with Napasorn Thai Restaurant for Spicy Food. Very good is the Big Fin Seafood Kitchen and Papa D Pizza Family Restaurant for Dining.

Adam E.

Mariachi Cobre Band

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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