Festival of Fantasy

Festival of Fantasy

I was so impressed by the festival of fantasy on Main Street usa! This was the first time that we had an opportunity to See the Parade at Walt Disney World. Plan on a lot of fun and you better get there a little bit early before the 3 o'clock parade. Your kids are going to get great photos with The Characters. Festival of fantasy is all about the floats, Costumes, sound track, and what a super audio system. You will dance and burn calories all day long! It's really a state of the art parade, plus dancing is allowed by the spectators. The procession is the kind of thing you want to be there ahead of time for. You have got to like everything about it. The Main Street Parade features singing performers. Have the cameras ready for the Disney characters like peter pan and sleeping beauty. The Music in the festival of fantasy is the best and you will buy the sound track on the Disney World website. It is truly infections for All Ages, so get ready to sing. During the parade lines are shorter, try the bigger thrills of Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.
Lorenzo Q.

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Christmas is chocolate village time and they have treats for all on main streetUSA. Spend the day visiting the various disney resorts and then go for the pizza papadpizza.com cafe. What could be more unusual than going on an african Safari on Christmas Day? Although it's usually the first park to close on Christmas Day, it's usually the last one to fill up.

If you do want to go to a park, which one should you head for, the closest. If you want to have a lie-in before you head out and find the other parks too much to handle, this could be a quieter alternative for you. It really can't be beaten and we'll be back there again for our Disney Christmas next year! Don't necessarily plan on doing many rides on Christmas Day if you do go to a park. All you can see in every direction from the hub in front of the castle is just a sea of people!

Jo L.

Magic Kingdom Parade

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