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Get a Ride

The Tampa Uber car ride service is fantastic for passengers and for drivers. If you're thinking about driving, you ought to try it. If you've never used the service, give it a try and there are many reasons why you will be happy.

One thing that's great is the entire operation is run on gps and that means extra safety for the occupant and the driver. No cash is exchanged and the simplicity and convenience of the monetary transaction being handled electronically makes it nice.

Very good indeed is the fact that drivers earn their reputations because every experience is rated. The driver is rated for courtesy, cleanliness of the vehicle, and safe driving habits.

When you order a cab, you know the traditional taxicab service, you don't know what is going to pick you up, but with Uber you get to select the type of vehicle. If you need a vehicle that can handle six people comfortably, no problem.

Extremely convenient is probably one of the major aspects that keeps me using Uber around Tampa Bay. If I've been drinking alcohol, I don't have to worry about getting in my car and risking all kinds of headaches and hassles and attorneys fees.

It's nice that the fact that you know the car is on the way, because you can see on the Uber app when your vehicle is close by. You can stay at the barstool until it's time for the cab to arrive, this is your Uber cab I'm referring too. It's great reliable transportation, and it works, people are extremely happy with it. Drivers love it and passengers love it, everybody needs to try it out.
Monroe O.

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Find a Ride

The Uber app is really good, and as a driver I love it. As a passenger it's the same thing. If you're thinking about driving you need to be at least twenty-one years old and have three years of driving experience in the United States. Of course you have to have a valid United States drivers license, Florida for Tampa Uber, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance.

Your automobile needs to be decent, clean and nice and at least 2006, that will change and move forward throughout the years. Right now they don't want vehicles older than ten years, which seems reasonable, when taking folks to Charley's Steak House or Victoria's cafe. The black vehicles are preferred and luxury or premium sedans earn more money than say a toyota prius for example or a honda accord.

Adelaide S.

Ride Taxi

Last week they saw a ton of unmet requests throughout the entire weekend, both during the day and night. They're looking forward to another huge weekend here in Tampa Bay! If you're looking for areas with higher earnings, check out Downtown Tampa and the St Petersburg area to cash in. Check out Tampa Bay's partner site for events, demand hotspots, pickup spots like Homewood Suites hotel, and more.

Fay W.

Tampa Uber

In-person help this Thursday for all drivers is a good thing. This Thursday, Tampa Bay operations managers will be in town to answer your questions. Come on in and get your account squared away. Get help you get on the road to take advantage of the consistently rising demand in Tampa Bay.

Please rsvp below and get driving! After all are going to Ellas Folk Art Cafe or Hattricks Tavern for dinner.

Gerard S.

Cheapest Tampa Transportation

Don't pay for gas out of pocket. Save money on gas, yes. To make driving with Uber even easier, we have an exclusive fuel card program for you. You get two hundred dollars of credit toward gas purchases - with no required credit check.

To become eligible, simply take one hundred trips each month - you're almost there! Stuart, congratulations! You've been taking advantage of the Uber platform, and took fifty trips this month. Save at least two percent off every gallon of gas - at any station in town!

Kellie C.

Getting around the City

Partners who drove during the last Block Party earned over $25 in gross fares per hour, so don't miss out! Demand will start as early as 3pm in Downtown Tampa and steadily increase from 6pm to 3am in St Petersburg. People love Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and Boston's Sports Bar for dining.

Check out your new Tampa Bay partner site for helpful information about your City. For the safety of our partners and riders, your phone number remains anonymous when you call each other so personal contact details are kept confidential. Want to jump start your earnings this weekend? Be sure to head to the first Friday St Pete Block Party!

Bobbie G.

Ride Service

Enjoy tons of visitors will be coming into town to celebrate the long holiday weekend. Demand will be highest around Downtown Tampa and St Petersburg on both Saturday and Sunday, bigger than the Pirate Party Event. Peak requests happening from 3pm-3am. Last year, partners who drove during those hours earned over $29 per hour in average gross fares.

Memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer. Earnings will be higher than usual, and there will be plenty of opportunity to earn big!

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