Beach Lifeguards

Beach Lifeguards

We went searching to get information on the Fort Lauderdale Beach Lifeguards just prior to our arrival. One of the things that I found difficult was to get the hours and locations of each particular lifeguard stand, so we could look to see which ones are close to our hotel the by the ocean. We noticed they go out here every single day, for about eight hours starting around 9am. The locations are spaced out along the Main Beach path, so if you want extra safety I would swim directly in front of one of the lifeguard stations. You are a lot safer if you are close to a lifeguard mainly because they have quick access to phone for help and an ambulance of something critical ever happened. We saw a group of staff members at eating lunch one day, so I guess they have a team member take over so they can take a break.

There are sharks in the water out here, but it's a very rare event indeed that even somebody gets their ankle nibbled on. I'm not so sure why this area of the ocean near the Shoreline is so safe. Within one hundred feet or so seems to be relatively safe. I see the surfers going out pretty darn far and I guess the risk level rises with the type of swimming and the conditions of swimming. They say don't swim at night, and do not go in the water if you are bleeding, or any kind of blood type fluid is being dispatch from your body for whatever reason. The Atlantic Ocean water is wonderful and the lifeguard staff seems to be very impressive and alert at all times. I would not hesitate to swim out here, and I do feel better being right in front of one of the lifeguard stands. Don't go out to deep and don't swim in bad conditions. Each lifeguard stand has details on the water and wind conditions during the day, plus a danger flag. On your first day here make sure you go up and read the information about the water and understand the rip tides. Safety is a mix between the lifeguards and yourself, so be prepared and you will not be the cause of any issues!
Louise T.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Lifeguards

100 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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