Shoreline at Ft Lauderdale Beach

QUESTION: How is the shoreline and water in Fort Lauderdale? ? Is it as rowdy as they make it look on the news? ANSWER: The wild history of Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale is something the city might never shake. This beachtown is totally family friendly and a tropical oasis of bikinis, surf boards, happy hours, seafood, and watersports. It is a blast and is very calm in the morning and picks up steam all day.
Tanisha C.

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Fat Tire Bike or Water Taxi

A great way to get around in Fort Lauderdale is on the fat tire beach bike. Tour it all on the sand or sidewalks. They also have a nice Water Taxi system. You get to jump on and off at the restaurants. The water taxis cruise the historic riverfront and have a big map to show you the attraction stops.

Brant A.

Thickest Beach Sand in Florida

The sand gets soft fast as you move away from the shore. The fifty yards up to the hotel is a chore! I am not kidding, it is eight inches thick and how those people play volleyball in it is a mystery to me.

Ivy D.

Hollywood Beach has Hotels with Parking Lots

Hi...Also, I wanted to toss out Hollywood Beach which has a total vibe equal to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, with slightly less headaches and opens up more great South Florida Beach Vacation options. That would be another place to look for a sweet spot for a value, deal or discount. I just want to be able to park the car like a normal person!

Tyree S.

Florida's Top Downtown Cities

I kind of thought the Fort Lauderdale zone would be good for a March Vacation. There is lots to do in all directions, plus the little beach town areas to bike and peek around. You do not have to drink adult beverages, I like the coffee shops and cookie places!

Nelda Z.

Harbour Isles Beach

2100 South Ocean Lane
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316-3835

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